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World Cup Marketing Campaigns

We have all seen the ads on TV around the World Cup or the promotions in the supermarket, but you don't have to be a FIFA global partner and World Cup sponsor to capitalise on one of the biggest sporting events in the World.

We have helped a number of brands recently with campaigns in the build up to the World Cup including restaurants and take away outlets, Car dealerships and of course pubs and clubs.

One of our campaigns was to help the Royal Pier (who we just added a brand uplift to) in Aberystwyth to promote that they are showing every match via social media, add a World Cup promotion on drinks and add some fun for the customers with a World Cup themed snapchat filter sticker for customers to show their support of their chosen nation.

Snapchat filters can work so well to add something new to a business or to draw more foot fall to the business, the costs of designing and advertising the filter can be kept well under £50 for certain events and can give you an advantage over the competition that isn't using it.

So far after the first round of fixtures in the World Cup and 12 filters submitted to snapchat these have been viewed over 3500 times in and around Aberystwyth as well as being shared with others.

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