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Making the right noise on social

Businesses using social media to market their product, service or brand is common place, every business and brand has some form of social media presence whether it be one channel or over multiple channels; so how do you stand out from the rest in this noisy environment.

You have to make the right noise of course, you have to be the noise that grabs peoples attention (and in the right way) you have to be the same but be different and unique to your brand.

The first thing you need to do though is LISTEN! Yep, listening is as bigger part of making the noise as your creative or copy. Think of it like a room full of people, you wouldn't burst in there shouting about your business and then leave, the first thing you would do is introduce yourself and then listen to others.

A big benefit of listening is that you should pick out some interesting insights too, like what people want from a product or service, what the competition is doing right or wrong in the market place and how are other businesses and brands are showing off their products.

Once you're done listening it's time to engage, talk to others online, use Twitter for what is was meant for, conversation. Start the convo, join in or add to it and be social on social media.

Remember it isn't all about you, show off your customers, tell a story and give depth to your brand. Maybe feature your staff or offices, add this to your social media posts, have fun with it and enjoy social media and the journey, if you don't it soon becomes a chore and chores don't last!

The last thing is to be patient, don't expect a dozen leads this week from facebook because you created an advert, allow time for people to see your presence and see that what your selling is worth while, this is where being social helps, it keeps you in the forefront of their mind without selling to them.

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