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Working our branding magic with Wizards

Branding a sports team is a pretty epic project to work on, as we're surrounded by sports teams and brands day in day out to work on a project to create a brand identity and marketing; I couldn't turn it down.

Luckily enough it's a sport I'm passionate about too, as a professional squash coach during and after University, most hours every day were spend either on a squash court or just off it planning activities on it. Understanding not just the sport but how the sport sells within clubs is vital when working on projects like this as ticket sales is key to the success of the team.

Squash Wales approached me last month to discuss a new Premier Squash League team they were creating to compete in the prestigious PSL, the Premier League of squash and where the best players play. The Welsh Wizards have signed former World No1 Gregory Gaultier and Former World No.3 Omar Mosaad as well as Welsh National Champion Peter Creed and British National and Welsh National Champion Tesni Evans. What a team!!!

The task in hand was to create the logo, branding including the team theme, a website, ticket portal and marketing material to be printed for match night.

The name the Welsh Wizards was confirmed and I got to work on creating the logo and brand, using the colours of the St Davids flag, to pull the site away from the customary red used by Welsh national teams on the squash court.

The website and ticket portal were created and we used our good friends Ticket Source who are based in Penarth to sell and distribute tickets, the scene was set for the new team and the feedback received was second to none.

Ticket sales went online earlier today and already over 90 seats have been sold for each of the home matches, with the first home matches selling over 120 of the 190 available.

I'm looking forward to developing the site and the brand and watching World Class squash coming back to Cardiff.

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