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Stop throwing shit at a wall

I have clients and businesses approach me every week regarding their marketing and their print marketing to be specific, they want a flyer, brochure or poster printed. Great stuff, but why? Why is it you need this printed? What is it offering the customer you’re handing it too? How does the print represent your brand? The first question I ask I why are we printing this? The most common answer is “to hand out at an event or to mail drop” now the only thing I can compare this to is throwing shit at a wall, everyone else is throwing it too, and it’s a non stick wall, you’re making a mess on the floor and causing a stink! Why not think about your print, think about what it offers, can your print be worth something? Like an offer or something for free? Save money on your print and offer something to your customers or new customers for free or next to nothing.

Yes having printed marketing material may look good in your hand but it doesn't look great in the bin, after attending a number of exhibitions and events the amount of people I see discarding brochures, flyers and business cards in the bin is unreal!

Why not offer something different to people, or as mentioned above something with value to it, what about scratch cards? What about a link to landing page where there is a series of questions to win a prize or even better why not offer them your service for free?

It's easy to waste money on print, so all I say is think, and question why you want to print or question why you need to print so much.

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