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Supporting Bullies Out

We are really pleased to announce we have started working and supporting Bullies Out charity, the national charity helps and supports victims of bullying as well as offer training in the workplace. Bullying happens in all walks of life and increasingly online and social media in particular, we see it so much and want to stop it and help Bullies Out charity increasing their awareness.

Established in May 2006, Bullies Out are one of the UK's most dedicated and ambitious anti-bullying charities. Their award winning work is delivered across the UK and each year, through their work with schools, colleges, youth and community settings, they provide education, training and support to thousands of young people.

Through their innovative, interactive workshops and training programmes, they use experience, energy and passion to focus on awareness, prevention, building empathy and positive peer relationships all of which are crucial in creating a nurturing environment in which young people and staff can thrive.

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