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Overnight social media success

Ok so that title isn’t quite right, it was a statement a client said to me over 9 months ago, actually it was more of a demand! Now as good as I am, as an experienced social media manager this wasn’t a realistic goal and something I quickly explained to the client.

Now I can guarantee social media success, but it will take much longer, sometimes 9-12 months. For some businesses this is too long but for others it’s perfect and they're either happy to play the waiting game and get the basics of social media right first.

Creating a social media page and just posting for 3 weeks and then expecting success isn't going to work, yes you'll get some hits to your site and you may pick up a lead or two along the way but that's not long terms planning.

First you need a plan, a content plan, a posting plan and a social plan.. the social plan is my favourite with any business I work with. How social are they going to be, how much fun can we have with the content and how social can we be on social media. This includes retweets, likes, shares and interactions with other accounts.

The content plan is the easier of the plans in my opinion and one that comes from the business first, they hold the key to their success with content, then I come and fine tune it, add some flavour to it or just tidy up the creative element of it.

If you can afford to be patient and get these basic plans right and deliver them consistently you'll be A OK.. Promise you'll be fine, just keep doing it, day in day out and you'll see.

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