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Want your own GIPHY sticker

You must have used Instagram or Snapchat stickers by now yeah? If you haven’t used them you've seen them, ever wanted your own as a business or brand?

Well you can add your own branded stickers and it’s pretty straight forward, the first thing you need is a GIPHY brand account, make sure it’s a brand account as this allows your gifs to be public and searched and then used.

Now you have to upload your GIFs and stickers, GIFs are straight forward but with stickers these need to be animated, transparent background GIFs, it's really easy to make these using Photoshop or any other programme with the ability to save and export as a .png.

The benefits of the stickers, well I haven't see any yet, creating client brand pages we have seen some traffic back to their site from but not a great deal; yet! They certainly add to their story telling on Instagram though and who knows maybe one day stickers will maybe link to pages or accounts? From a brand awareness perspective, seeing that their GIFs have over 200k hits in one week makes me think there are lots of eyeballs seeing lots of other stickers in searches etc so having the right GIF for the right moment will be key to branded content.

If you need any help creating stickers or a brand account then get in touch

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