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WOW New York, WOW

I had the pleasure of visiting New York this month and WOW!! What a city, partly in the city for business but for lots of pleasure, it was an amazing 5 day trip to the city that doesn't sleep.

I met with a new business at the Tournament of Champions squash event at Grand Central station, what an event and what a place to have it.

Spending as much time as possible visiting tourist sites of the city I noticed something that isn't as visible here in Cardiff or Aberystwyth, over advertising! Yes, it is everywhere from the back of cabs to the side of taxis, and on a massive scale. Nearly every big brand is up in lights, and not just in time square, on nearly every other square inch of the city.

The benefit of advertising like this in a city so big is the eyeballs on your brand, the con of it is that there are 30 other brands fighting for those eyes within a few years of each other.

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