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Let the BrandBowl begin

As the NFL fans prepare for Super Bowl LIII, brands and marketers are also getting excited for the all important ads, one of the largest live audiences in the World and all the major brands will be all over our screens (large and small)

In the UK we miss out on most of the ads during the game but brands understand this and you'll see a big effort from these brands via social media and sponsored ads.

Last year Twitter launched #BrandBowl, awarding the best marketing ads via twitter.. the 5 categories are. (via Adweek)

  • MVP - Awarded to the brand with the highest percentage of all brand-related tweets during Super Bowl LIII

  • Blitz - Given to the business which reaches the highest level of tweets per minute at some point during the game

  • Quarterback - The brand with a single tweet that draws the most retweets during the game

  • Interception - The highest percentage of brand conversation for a brand that did not run a TVC during the Super Bowl.

  • Video Replay - The brand that drives the most video views (new category in 2019)

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