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Why is my organic reach dead?

Organic reach on social media dead? Not a chance, lower? Yes but certainly not dead and if your content is of a good standard; and by that I mean if it has a polished finish and it's engaging or insightful your organic reach won't be dead in the water.

I have spoken to several businesses over the last 3 or 4 months who are struggling with their reach, their reach was never amazing but in some cases it has fallen by over 50% and they can't understand why? The first thing they blame is the social networks, Facebook has always come in for stick for lowering the organic reach of business pages but who can blame them. There is so much noise on social these days they had to step in at some point or risk losing more and more users. Obviously there is a business reason behind it too, ad revenue is facebooks revenue, plain and simple.

So how to fight the downward curve, first is to evaluate your content, the standard of it, are you posting low quality images? Are you posting bundles of images or is the copy in your post piss poor? The timing of your posts, are you posting twice or more a day when you should be posting only twice a week. Is your content relevant to your audience? All questions you need to ask yourself or your team, look at the last 20 - 100 facebook posts and quality check all of them, look at the ones that performed best and try and understand why.

If you're delving in to facebook ads, be patient with them, spending £50 for a month or two isn't going to dramatically improve business overnight. You have to stick with it and learn from what works in those ads, hopefully you have learned from your organic posts enough that you see what will work in ads first.

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