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Website design in 2019

Website trends, surely following trends makes everything look the same? Now while I try and stay on trend with design as a creative person I also try and be unique and stand out.

It's a fine balancing act when designing websites, there's also a third factor involved, and that's the client, the client may want something completely different.

So a few 'trends' that were used in 2018 but are sure to be more and more prominent in websites this year are...

Gradients - using gradients in branding and design are common place and last year with the rebrand of Instagrams logo and app using gradients everywhere we started seeing this in more and more websites. It's great to use and can look amazing when used correctly just make sure it isn't over done and make sure your choice of colour works well together.

Up and down - When we scroll a website we often head up and down, but some websites have started using side scrolls to guide us across a website and almost acts like a timeline.

For some this can be confusing but if used correctly and the timeline makes sense it can be a joy to navigate.

Large fonts - This has been a growing trend in branding for years, it was actually very popular years ago but has since been on the rise lately from advertising and also on websites. LARGE, BOLD TITLES on homepages stand out and tell you exactly what you need to know.. and can't be missed! So long as it isn't used too much and is in keeping with your brand this design trend can look great.

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