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One for the diary

How did you mark St Davids Day.. or as we call it Dydd Gwyl Dewi. Did you forget? Did you realise last minute and then just post a gif on twitter...

Planning ahead is key in marketing, yes somethings can happen ad hoc and can work really well but having some sort of calendar for your content is vital in not making any errors or not missing any big events.

Now depending on your business, you don't have to celebrate every hashtag national something day like some people seem to do, but using these days around your brand is a bonus.

Location is everything and knowing what's happening in your town, city, county or country plays a big part in a content calendar. Take for instance any business based in Cardiff around the Six Nations, of course you want to be part of the conversation and be part of the hype of another Welsh Grand Slam year.. (fingers crossed)

As well as the external factors you have to make a content calendar for your own campaigns too, planing campaigns makes a massive difference to small business from my experience. This isn't just planning posts on social media, planning campaigns around your services and products, planning what type of content and when.

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