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How we talk to businesses in 2019

Making a comment or complaint way back when used to take some time, you would have to write an email (yes remember those) or even a letter (yes pen and paper) to the business and then wait for them to reply. Having no idea whether they had received or read your correspondence you may even forget about it and get on with your life.

NOT ANY MORE!!!! Along came social media, businesses have been inundated since then with comments and complaints via the platforms, mentions, DM's, screenshots the lot. According to socialmediatoday 90% of social media users reach out to brands or retailers, 78% of people complaining to brands expect a response within an hour!

Now we manage dozens of business accounts on social media channels and we see some of the comments and complaints that get sent to these business or brands. And some of the time it's ridiculous what you read and what length people would go to, to get a free meal or a discount off their next visit.

Obviously there are some good comments, great recommendations and praise but why are we now a generation that complains so much, and so quickly, and via a digital medium? Why not get up and speak to the restaurant manager or store owner while your there and pass on your comments?

It's great we get to speak to customers direct in 2019 but it has it's downsides too, if you are a business and run your own social media and are struggling to juggle the business and marketing the business. Get in touch today.

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