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Who wants to be a social media manager

So the reaction you usually get when you mention to someone that you manage social media for businesses, the usual reaction is "oh so you play on Facebook all day" Yes mate that's it, cheers.

Well feel for the guys and girls managing the social media over at EasyJet this week... A photo allegedly showing a woman sat on a seat with no back to it on an aeroplane started circulating (there are question marks about the legitimacy of the photo)

As it was shared on Twitter it soon gathered traction and retweets were coming in left right an centre as well as hundreds of replies to the photo. EasyJet quickly responded but asked for the photo to be taken down first... poor Ross from EasyJet had a roasting on twitter for asking that (lets hope he still has his job)

A spokesperson for the airline said: “No passengers were permitted to sit in these seats as they were inoperative awaiting repair."

Crisis management isn't easy on social media (we have helped a few businesses regain a positive voice on social) and can quickly escalate to something that seems beyond repair, but have no fear, things will go back to normal and so long as your business reacts in a good and proper manner no long lasting effects should come from a small mistake on social.

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