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A new look for us at Red Squirrel Marketing

You've probably noticed if you're reading this that our website has had a spring clean and changed slightly, we've also updated our logo slightly. No need to panic about our little squirrel, he survived ;)

In 2020 with some extra free time it was a perfect opportunity to look at our own branding and website, we haven't updated anything since our launch in 2015 and we felt it needed a fresh look.

Some rebrands and brand uplifts take drastic action but ours we hope is very subtle, in changing our font, some of the colours and the look of our website we hope to stand out more. We wanted our website to match our social media presence and attitude, as a small business we have to work that bit harder to play with the big boys and girls in the design and marketing world.

Working with other small businesses over the years we have had great success in helping them stand out through new websites, rebrands and social media management but we haven't spent that much time on our own look so we're pleased now to be able to update our brand... we wont leave it 5 years before the next update we promise.

Hope you like the look of the site and branding, if you think your brand needs a refresh or facelift then just get in touch we would love to have a virtual meeting and a coffee and see how we can help.



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