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Branded cows

So what is it? A brand or branding could be a mark on a cow to identify one farmers animal from another farmers, it can be what makes one product, though the exact same, different to another product like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

But a brand is more than a name right? It's more than a set of colours to be used on every piece of marketing material. Who decided what a brand is, the business behind the brand or the consumers of the brand? So if a brand is decided by the consumer then it's down to the marketing to influence how that person perceives the brand. Giving the business / product a story, some feelings and emotions can then influence how a brand is perceived?

So with the digital age in full swing and businesses having a loud and clear voice on the likes of social is how we brand a product or business changing? Obviously most people think of branding and a brand as something that is designed and drawn out, this is correct but also how the story of the business is told is part of the brand. What are your thoughts on brand or branding? Seen any cool new companies that get it right? #branding #eventbranding #SocialMedia


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