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Getting it wrong is a win

Getting things wrong, we normally hate it when this happens. But learning from your losses is key, learning why things go wrong and where things go wrong can help in the future to get things right.

We work with businesses on a daily basis in managing their advertising budget and campaigns, some businesses spend thousands of pounds every month and selling via social media, using google ads or tv advertising.

These ads and campaigns don't always go the way we want, sometimes it may be the message, the product, the creative or just the timing. The key is learning and knowing what didn't quite go right and then making adjustments to the campaign to make things better the next time.

As Steve Jobs once talked about "Scar tissue" and learning from your mistakes, building up that scar tissue and learning from every step of a marketing journey.

If you have a campaign coming up for your business and you need help in fine tuning the message or getting the ad spend right, then let us know and how we can help.


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