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Going all in on digital

So we're still at home, we've been in lockdown for a while now and things wont be back to 'normal' any time soon; so what about your business?

The lockdown has effected small businesses in various ways, some have completely shut down, they're gone and won't be back. For others maybe not so bad but they will have taken a hit and business wont be what it was like at the start of the year. So what can you do now if your business is still struggling?

You have to adapt, adapt your business in whatever way you can, for some I know this wont be easy, but there are small ways to make a difference; one of those ways is going all in on digital.

Now more than ever you can see the benefits of digital surely? Having a business website, using social media, having a mailing list and using paid for ads across different channels.

If you're not using all the above then now is the time to start.

  • Get yourself a website, if you have one then does it need updating or do you need a new website which works on all devices such as mobile and tablets? If you do need a refresh or a new website then get an expert to make one for you, while you're at it you can refresh the written content on the site too.

  • Get on social media if you're not on there already, if you are using social media then you need to look at whether it is working for you, are you using all the channels correctly? Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn aren't all equal, they all need to be used differently and time needs to be spent on each platform. Again get an expert to manage this for you and take the stress of yourself.

  • If you're already on social then are you paying to advertise on there? Organic reach alone wont cut it, you need to reach new people and are them see your business and see what it is you offer. Boosting a post is ok but creating ads on facebook, twitter, youtube and linkedin take time and require expertise to get them right. Invest in your business and get this right the first time.

  • Email, yes it's not amazing for everyone and for most it doesn't work but if you have a strong mailing list and keep growing that mailing list then you can see a good return on email campaigns. Look at what you're sending out, try not to sell sell sell and just educate or offer value to your customers, especially now when they have more time to read an entire email.

Right have you got all of the above sorted? If not then get in touch and we can help you straight away.


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