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Have you stepped up your LIVE game

If you have opened your Instagram over the last few weeks of lockdown, you may have noticed ALL the live feeds at the tip of your feed, businesses and individuals are all going live.

Are you loving it? Are you making the most of it for your business? Whether you want to give a cocktail masterclass or offer live workouts to your gym members it's a great way to keep your fan base engaged online.

If you want to make the most of these new live videos here are some tips

- Make sure your connection is strong enough to go live, you want a crisp and clear video with smooth audio throughout. Theres nothing worse than loosing a connection anytime during your broadcast and a sure way of losing your viewers.

- Decide on what your going to show in the live feed upfront, maybe make a script or if you're hosting a Q&A get some questions in early. Plan a rough length to your broadcast too, this can be helpful for you but also your audience. A 30 minute workout or a 10 minute recipe can help people decide if they can tune in.

- Do you have a studio? Or a room you can use for the broadcast? Maybe your going outside (remember to test connection) Your set up and what's around you is vital too, the backdrop of your video might be full of branded content or maybe just blank, whatever suits your brand.

- Finally you want viewers, so promoting the LIVE broadcast is vital, you need to plan in advance when you're going to go live and let people know through posts or story posts. Promote it as much as possible, give as much detail as possible, let people know the time and where they can watch it, after an Instagram LIVE the video will be available for 24 hours so it's worth letting people know. If you can then record your live too so you can use it to promote future events.

If you need any more help in going LIVE, then let us know.


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