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I'm trying something new

Since gyms closed last year I have been looking to keep fit any which way possible, I was lucky enough to have an indoor bike lent to me from Ufit in Cardiff at the start of lockdown and since then, I've been hooked.

So after a few months of indoor riding, I decided to get my own bike and indoor trainer and started riding miles and miles every day, using the great outdoor but also using Zwift the virtual cycling platform.

Like with anything I do, I like to do it properly and I like to do something to challenge myself... with that in mind I have decided to take on something big, a long bike tour, fully unsupported over around 10 days.

The challenge I'm doing in the GB Divide tour, from the bottom of the UK to the very top, but the scenic route with plenty of climbs and it's half off road.

I'll keep you posted on more info when it comes.


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