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Keeping your marketing active

So by now you have sorted yourself a home gym, found your old running shoes or dusted down that bike in the garage for a quick ride around town (once a day). You've probably also sorted yourself a new home office if you can work remotely and you're making the most of a pretty shit situation.

If you're running your own business and therefore you look after your own marketing then keeping this ticking over is vital, letting your customers know who you are still and what you offer. Keeping your customers up to speed on any changes to your services or any changes to your opening times etc is key to maintaining your business.

Even if you can only get a few posts out on each channel it's better than nothing, if you're busy at this time with work then great but if you're not and work has dried up then now is the time to evaluate some of your business and maybe get around to writing that marketing plan you never finished before your business launched.

Just keep your marketing active, keep people updated whether it be on social, email or traditional marketing just let them know you're still around.


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