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Marketing sport in a world without sport

Sport is a major part of my life, watching sport that is, I love it! Football (soccer), basketball, ice hockey are my top three but I love all sports and the unscripted drama it brings. So after a few weeks now of zero live sport I wondered how are marketing departments of clubs / teams handling the shortage of sport?

The answer is that obviously it's not going to be easy, there isn't anything new happening so nothing new to market or talk about but what all sports teams are doing well at the moment is taking everyone down memory lane, re runs of matches on the tv, classic goals from previous players or 'On the day' moments.

Also the players are helping too, the new found love of TikTok isn't just for the kids no more, footballers, hockey players and their partners are all joining in and providing content that we can digest in-between a home workout, baking banana bread or watching Tiger King. Surely you have all seen the toilet roll keep up challenge across socials?

So as much as I was depressed without sport for the first few weeks, I've adjusted to life without the drama and taken the trip down memory lane instead. Big shout out to BBC Wales for their re runs of classic Wales football matches and to Sportnet and TSN in Canada; they have re run the whole playoff journey of the Championship winning run of the Toronto Raptors... Over 850,000 Canadians watches the Eastern Conference finals (replay) last week. WOW!


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