Throwback blog - Don't visit Wales

The Bank Holiday weekend we had all hoped for, beautiful weather, quiet roads and no queues at the bar.. instead though we're in the middle of a global pandemic and it's far from perfect in everyones world right now.

Last week Visit Wales posted a number of tweets and images across social media to discourage people from visiting some of the best scenery in the world. But this weekend Owen Williams (@OwsWills on twitter) set up a challenge, the #dontvisitwaleschallenge and it has gone viral.

Owen, not shy at going viral on twitter, created some posters himself and encouraged others to do so, and many did; the hashtag was trending and Jeremy Vine gave it a shout out too.

Here is Owen giving the recipe for viral success...

We obviously couldn't let this one go by so we had a go too.

CIM Qualified

CAM Qualified

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