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Translation services

At Red Squirrel Marketing we love working all over Wales helping clients with their marketing needs, but we also offer our services in translations.

We know the importance of marketing in Welsh in Wales, it makes sense. We have recently worked with a number of businesses in South Wales and West Wales providing translation services for various public display notices, signage and job applications.

We're able to turn around most translations of around 3000 words in a few days time which helps clients in having products or services live online quickly.

Shaun at Aber Innovation said “As an organisation we have used Red Squirrel's translation services a number of times; the service provided is nothing short of excellent, always professional and with an exceptionally short turnaround time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Red Squirrel Marketing.“

Do you need help in translating any work to Welsh for your business? Please get in touch.


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