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Using storytelling to build your brand

Rational vs emotional…

Does this photo make you smile? Has it tapped into an emotion?

Emotionally marketing to people impacts in a quicker, effortless way. It taps into something we already know or feel, making it more likely to be remembered.

The numbers back this up. UK-based Institute of Practitioners in Advertising took a look at 1400 successful advertising campaigns over the last three decades and found that emotional campaigns performed twice as well at influencing intent to buy.

What marketing campaign resonated most with you recently? Was it the one about a giant cuddly monster living under a little boy’s bed?

When brands market to us in an emotional way we are more likely to associate that brand with a personality – we relate to them. Research shows that positive emotions we feel towards a brand influence our loyalty as a consumer compared to facts and figures.

Next time your considering content for an advert, social media post or blog think about the emotion you want the reader to feel.


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