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Top 9 Shocking Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

1. Snapchat exceeds Twitter daily users figures

Bloomberg recently reported that Snapchat has 150 million people using the service every day. This tops Twitters figure of 140 million users. Interestingly Twitter was launched in 2006 and Snapchat 2012 . Snapchat also announces a three-year deal with Wimbledon, including live insight direct from Wimbledon to encourage younger generations to get excited about the tournament.

We think Snapchat is going to be THE future social media channel.

2. Mobile website is key

According to Google, 90% of people leave a mobile website if it isn’t performing quick enough. We therefore can’t stress enough how important a mobile friendly website is to big or small businesses.

3. Do you block ads on your screen?

92% of 3,200 internet users surveyed said they’d consider using an ad blocker. Are you annoying your customers with online ads?

4. Business on Instagram

According to Instagram, 200 million of its users now follow a business on the platform.

5. Emoji mad

Facebook messenger introduces 1,500 emojis – including red-headed emojis and female police officers. The chat app now allows users to customize an emojis skin colour.

6. Marketing now a major priority for small businesses

According to eBay small online businesses are to invest heavily in marketing in 2016. SEO and social media is overtaking print advertising and direct mail. 61% of owners cite digital marketing knowledge as important when recruiting staff (it’s now even more in-demand than a degree)

7. Women are the biggest users of mobile internet

UKOM report that women are more likely to use their smartphones to access the internet.

8. Facebook to roll out “community activated” safety check

Facebook is set to relaunch its safety check tool. Instead of manually switching on the feature which lets friends and family know that a person is safe in the event of a disaster – it will now be triggered by local trends.

9. 1 in 4 decision-makers favour Facebook over other social media platforms.

According to Hotwire, 24% of decision-makers prefer Facebook when seeking information about a potential purchase.

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