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How to increase your Likes on Facebook

Last week we were asked by a few of our clients who we manage some social media and general marketing for, ‘How can I increase my Likes on Facebook?’

The first question I posed back to the client was ‘Why do you need to increase it?’ and their answer was 'so that it looks better for their image' and that their competitors have more than them and need to catch up.

The one client in mind has over 1,500 Likes on Facebook, they have grown this steadily over years and years and are now posting more relevant content than ever before as well as it sending more and more traffic to their business website.

The only issue like with many other businesses is that they see the number of Likes and think that this represents popularity, rather than looking at the Facebook page as a tool to gather interest in their brand and drive more traffic to their site and possibly sales after that.

Page Likes are great but mean very little; the reach of your posts, the interactions and the calls to actions are by far the more important aspects of your page and by clicking on your ‘insights’ button as a page admin you will find an in depth page of info and stats.

Growing page Likes is a slow process, and with Facebook making harder and harder for pages to be seen on peoples timelines it’s worth remembering little and often as well as posting great content all the time.

If you need help with your Facebook page or any other social media platform then let us know, we can manage all or one of your accounts for monthly fees to suit you and your business.

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