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The Perfect Website Landing Page, Aberystwyth to Cardiff and Beyond

Which factors make for the most effective landing page? Is a “Perfect Landing Page” possible?

We found an example that we think illustrates an excellent website landing page. It shows lots of best practices but has one big problem can you spot it?

Website design Aberystwyth and Cardiff


Found the issue?

Something we have spotted on a few older websites in Aberystwyth and Cardiff…it’s not mobile responsive. That’s why we now see much longer-form landing pages like this…

Website design Aberystwyth and Cardiff


What is a landing Page?

A landing page is where you direct traffic for a certain purpose. An example might be for a specific marketing campaign where you want to provide information to the visitor but also measure the campaign via a contact form to fill in. The outcome is normally a conversion utilising data capture to generate a marketing lead.

Website Landing Page Objectives

  • Achieve registration or sign up to generate a lead.

  • Profile and qualify the lead to deliver relevant follow up marketing communications.

  • Communicate brand values.

  • If the visitor doesn’t want to provide their details they can ask for a follow up through traditional formats like a call back or email.

Website Landing Page Success Factors

  • Usability – they need to be easy to navigate around

  • Accessibility – easy to find

  • Persuasion – persuade the visitor to act

  • Encourage trust – develop trust with the brand

Do you have a marketing campaign in mind and would like to be able to track your website page visits?

We can help you design the perfect landing page. For any queries on website design in Aberystwyth to Cardiff and beyond contact us today.

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