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Cracking advert? Or just too cheeky?

Advertising campaigns are meant to draw attention, gather interest in a brand and sell a product or service. Most adverts go unnoticed and have very little impact, others are quirky or catchy and have real impact; others controversial and provoke a reaction.

Hugging or pushing the lines of controversy can be risky, you risk upsetting a small or even large populous of people and with that potentially creating a dark stain on the brand.

If you are around Cardiff for the Cardiff Half Marathon on the weekend then you may be in for a shock, whether you're running it, watching it or just passing by. One of the biggest gyms in Cardiff, Universal Fitness have something lined up, the gym advertises frequently and is a cool and trendy gym with a website, a brand and marketing material to match.

Their latest, large and striking campaign won’t go unnoticed and for some may provoke a different reaction to that of joining the gym (I’m guessing that’s what the gym want from any campaign)

Let us know if you see the campaign on your travels and what you think about it.

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