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Facebook Updates... Events

Have you ever hosted an event on Facebook or been invited to one? Maybe an opening day in Aberystwyth or a Facebook chat like we host giving tips on digital marketing or social media tips. Events are great ways to spread the word of your brand, receiving RSVPs and letting people know more about your events with images, videos and discussions.

Discover Local Events

Facebook is a great way to find events happening around you and now it’s even easier to discover new things to do with friends. To make exploring events even better, Facebook revamped the Events bookmark so now you can catch up on the latest events activity from friends and hosts and browse event recommendations based on what’s popular.

Also while we’re on the subject of events, Eventbrite and Facebook have announced an integration of native ticket buying in the new Events app from Facebook. The new tech allows tickets to be purchased from within the app and recommends local events and concerts your friends are attending. Fans can even redeem their tickets at the event through the Facebook app.

“We were Facebook’s first partner to integrate with Facebook events back in 2008,”

Eventbrite’s GM of Consumer Tamara Mendelsohn told Amplify.

“What we partnered with Facebook to create was the ability to publish your Eventbrite event into a Facebook event and use the Facebook event distribution mechanism to actually reach more fans and potential attendees. That worked incredibly well and we actually saw Facebook go from non-existent as a driver of traffic on Eventbrite to our number one driver.”

The Facebook events brand new app should be available soon in the U.K.

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