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Facebook Updates... Recommendations

Facebook is having another play with its platform, for the better? Well that's for you to decide. We think its going the right way with the end user in mind, Facebook is keeping us on the app more than ever.

Get Recommendations

Whether you are travelling to a new place, looking for a hair salon, or searching for the perfect place to eat, people already turn to their friends, family and local Groups on Facebook for advice. Facebook are rolling out a new tool that makes it easier to get and organize all those recommendations in one place.

When posting a status to look for advice on local places or services, you’ll have the option to turn on Recommendations for that post. If you turn on the feature, your friends can comment on your post with suggestions, and you’ll see all of them mapped out and saved in one place. You can also go to your Recommendations bookmark on Facebook (desktop only) to ask a new question or help your friends. Pretty neat! This would have been great when we asked where the best chinese takeaway in Aberystwyth was the other day!

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