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You can now order food from restaurants directly from their Facebook Pages

Hungry? Ordering food on your phone? we've been doing it for a while now and it's a common sight in Cardiff to see a deliveroo bike speed past with a hot pizza on board. But now we can do this as well as book an appointment and more in a recent Facebook update.

It looks like we'll nearly never have to leave the Facebook app. But will this leave less emphasis on a mobile friendly website or businesses with their own personal app?

Get More Out of Your Local Business Interactions on Facebook

Facebook are introducing some new ways for people to take action faster once they’ve found something they want to do or a place they want to go. Keeping you on the app instead of driving you away.

Order food: You can now order food from restaurants directly from their Facebook Pages. Simply click “Start Order” on any restaurant’s Facebook Page that uses or Slice.

Request an appointment: For local businesses that require you to book an appointment, such as a spa and hair salon, you can now request a time via the business’ Facebook Page and view their entire slate of services and offerings. They’ll then get back to you on Messenger to confirm your appointment. We can think of a few Aberystwyth businesses that could use this!

Get a quote: Some local business Pages will now have a “Get Quote” button at the top that lets you easily and quickly request a quote from the business. The business will send you a message via messenger with an answer.

Get tickets to movies and events: For many new films this Autumn, you can buy tickets straight from their Facebook Pages via Fandango. In partnership with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite. Facebook are also making it possible for people to get tickets to other events — free or paid — directly from the event page or Events app. Commodore Cinema this for you?

Facebook is testing the service in the United States. It plans to offer it to international users in the future so watch this space.

The new service is part of recent efforts by Facebook to expand its offerings and get people to spend more time using the social media app.

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