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Website Design in Dolgellau

Dylanwad Wine is a great little wine bistro in Dolgellau (Not far from Aberystwyth). Dylan is a wine importer who travels the world to find quality, carefully sourced wine. Their beautiful, rich in heritage cafe, cellar shop and bar is situated in the centre of Dolgellau and aptly named ‘dylanwad’ meaning under the influence in Welsh.

The business approached us to work with them on a new, updated, modern and mobile friendly website... We think we hit the nail on the head!

The need

Dylan had a long established relationship in Dolgellau for running his successful restaurant and since the moving of premises and the new focus on quality and passion for wine, dylanwad was in need of a new website presence that truly reflected the beauty of their historic cellar café, bar and shop.

They wanted a modern website that showed off exactly how smart their new premises were. Not only were Dylan and Llinos interested in a new website but also some general marketing advice for spreading the word about their hidden gem.

Our help

As soon as we walked into their café and heard all about the history of the building we were hooked. We had so many ideas for their website with imagery being key

… and of course we couldn’t leave without a bottle of their special Prosecco.

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