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Is that a GIF on Facebook?

We tend to see more and more GIFs appear on Facebook, comedy and memes shared by LadBible, but can they fit in Facebook ads from businesses? It seems like Facebook will let us have a go in the coming changes.

So a video but not a video with no sound and no chance of sound that will autoplay and loop, pretty similar to current videos but much shorter (and smaller file size)

All these changes include tweaks to campaign objectives, the ability to use animated GIFs in video ads, date comparison, column hiding, as well as reach and conversion estimations when picking a budget. The changes aren't ready for everyone yet, but it won't be long until all our pages see these changes.

Campaign objectives on Facebook have changed. To be more exact, they have been “re-ordered.” Now, Websites Clicks and App Engagement are part of one objective – “Traffic.” Traffic includes all the features from Website Clicks and some of the features from the previous App Engagement objective.

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