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Facebook for business tips

The biggest thing that most businesses who we speak to in Aberystwyth and Cardiff miss out on when using Social Media is they don't do any listening... they just broadcast and talk to themselves!! How rude, how would you act in a room full of people, would you just talk about yourself? Start talking TO people not AT people on social media.

Post on other pages posts, be thoughtful not just "great post" or "like my page" talk to them about their industry or their location... and don't go in and sell!! Give advice if you're asked to do so and be polite!

One Facebook feature we really love at the moment is to link your Facebook page with a group. Have you tried this yet? Link your business page to a public or private group and engage in conversations with your group. you could have certain businesses in different groups and let the conversations begin!!

Here are some quick fire tips to look at for your Facebook page.

  • Create sharable content with video or images

  • Include calls to action in most posts

  • Boost some posts and use Facebook ads

  • Facebook LIVE is a must

  • Tried a giveaway or competition, these work well

We love talking to businesses about their Facebook pages, and we are always happy to offer advice and guidance to any business that needs a helping hand.

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