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A new HR website for JGHR Solutions

Julie Grabham of JG HR Solutions first spoke to us at one of our social media workshops and since then we've helped where we can with advising on her companies digital marketing.

we have given Julie advice for a number of months with digital marketing but what Julie really wanted and needed was a new brand identity and a new mobile friendly website for her business.

The need

Julie needed a clear brand identity for her HR business. She wanted a professional, clean and clear website (that was mobile friendly of course!) The old website had lots of stock images that just didn't show off Julie's personality and the great work she does. The first port of call was to craft what that should look like and how it should be reflected in her logo, online identity and overall brand.

Our help

Once we had the specifics decided we could start to craft the perfect logo and associated branding to show off JG HR Solutions (nothing too corporate or unapproachable but sophisticated and modern)

We created the core branding materials including logo, business cards, email signatures etc. and then the main face of her business the website. The new website was designed to tell the story behind Julie business and show exactly the services she offers as a HR Consultant.

The result

The new website and brand identity was completed for Julie in a matter of 4 weeks, after relevant testing and customer surveys the final result was something everyone was really pleased with. The website is clean, modern, as well as easy to navigate and as standard the website is mobile friendly. We've had some great feedback from Julie since the launch of her new website.

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