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Website designs in 2017 (so far)

Wow, we've made it to August already in 2017... it's been a busy but enjoyable first 7 months of the year with new projects coming in on a weekly basis. As well as loving our work in video, social media and planning marketing for our clients in Cardiff and Aberystwyth; we also still love making beautiful website for businesses of any size.

Like the fashion industry the trends in web design change from year to year and even month to month, good design and great user experience is timeless but keeping up with these trends is important to us.

What can you expect for the rest of 2017 and in to 2018 in web design? More of the same really, websites are now very image strong and gone are the days where we had to be careful of the loading speed of the site as we all have pretty decent download speeds.


Text on websites is becoming a bigger part of it's design, large titles and animated text feature heavily on many website and we have added this to our client websites fitting in with their branding. Don't be scared to allow big bold letters take centre stage, use it where you can to make impact and get the attention it deserves.


Not just pretty pictures but also patterns are popping up everywhere, unicorns and watermelons aside it can add a great look to your site, add character and can be used across your other marketing channels. With regards to images, make sure you either purchase the images or take them yourselves, don't buy images of an office when you could just have a an afternoon photoshoot at your own office.


Icons have been around forever but they still provide a simple tool and saves a website being too text heavy, a spanner, a pencil or a glass of wine; all icons that stand out and will direct your website user to their desired location. One tip, again make sure you own the icon, a simple google search will not be enough, that said if you do create your own make sure they are scalable vector graphics (SVG) as these will look great on any size screen.


Many websites are designed to look great on a desktop first, but there's an uprise of websites being designed for mobile first and desktop is an after thought. This is based on website traffic and if the majority are viewing you on a mobile. For us we have 50/50 split at the moment with desktop and mobile page loads, mobile is slowly overtaking though so watch this space.

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