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Cover yourself in 360

Facebook has been all over 360 images and video for some time now, offering a perfect platform to upload and share immersive 360 content for businesses and end users since the middle of 2016.

Previously 360 images were taken outside the app and then uploaded, now you can shoot 360 straight from the phone, head to your status update and select the 360 photo option, a camera box will open and allow you to capture an image. If you have used the panaramic mode on iPhone this will be familiar to you, take a snap and spin yourself while staying in the constraints of the guides.

To take this to the next level, Facebook is now also offering the ability to add a 360 cover photo... fancy!!! Just like the above, head to your profile, edit your cover photo and there lay the option to take a 360 image.

Video isn't an option yet, you'll have to upload your 360 videos after you capture them on a 360 device.

Have you tried a 360 cover photo yet?

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