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New Canvas ads for Facebook

Facebook changes all the time, believe me it's a good thing and it is improving the way you can advertise your small business to the masses. Facebook announced that it is enhancing its collections ad format to help drive sales by adding a new lifestyle template that will help advertisers inspire product discovery through their ads.

We manage a number of business accounts on Facebook for our clients and we always encourage the use of ads, not just the basic boost post, but a well thought out, clear advert that is targeted at the right person and the right time. We see more and more people view and interact with pages via mobile, it's completely taking over digital marketing in a mobile first way of thinking.

Facebook brings more and more immersive mobile ad formats to advertisers so that they can increase their effectiveness and make more sales. One of its moves includes its recent move to add Canvas templates to collection ads, simplifying the ad creation process significantly.

Canvas is a full screen advert that can be accessed once the user clicks on your advert while using a mobile phone, it can include, photos, 360° images and videos for a fully immersive experience.

Now Facebook will be adding a new template involving lifestyle imagery tagged with product photos, to inspire product discovery. The new template allows, advertisers to “showcase their products in context, create more meaningful brand experiences,” and increase sales.

If you're running a shop or store this is perfect for you to drive more traffic to your site and increase awareness of the certain products, Facebook are also giving you the ability to track which products they are looking at to give you better analytics.

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