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Is Facebook ruining your business?

Like many of our clients in Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Swansea or Bristol; social media is key to their beginning and their continued growth. We help a number of these businesses with their social media management but are some of these channels ruining their business?

I'll give you the answer straight up, it's a no! Facebook is always the channel that gives us updates and extras on a weekly basis but it is also the one platform that actively tries to jeep a number of business pages away from a timeline of a Facebook user.

A bad thing you might think but for the end user and biggest user on Facebook it's a good thing, you go to Facebook to see or share your photos and videos with friends and family; not to see post after post from the pages you follow.

If you strip back a business page, take away all the likes, take away all the engagement and shares and just see it as a webpage like any other. You're posting content to that page, keeping it tidy and promoting your brand or business in the best possible way. Now keep that up, theres a select fanbase looking at your page regularly and keeping up to date with what your page is and business is doing. Yes you'll probably have to spend a few ££ over the next few months to get your content in front of people but it's worth it if what your promoting is good.

Facebook may push our business page content over to another feed if we don't pay but that's fine, the end user will enjoy the platform more and use it more giving us as business page owners more chance of them seeing our content in the long run.

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