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From Social to Sale

This year has already been busy with new websites going live, new projects underway and campaigns launched over on social media, ad spend on Facebook since January 11th has gone up 200% with some clients.

With these paid campaigns it is more vital now that ever to convert on every click through to get a positive ROI, some campaigns we have worked on have been in retail and some over in the food industry.

The use of discount codes or voucher numbers have allowed us to measure the ROI from social clicks through to purchases online or in store purchases, we're not talking huge budgets either. Our advice to any size client when first looking at spending money on social ads is to try it small first and work your way up, every success + more money in the pot for the next spend.

If you're an online or store front business looking for help with social media, especially social media advertising then do get in touch with us today -

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