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Time to master networking

As a freelancer and small business owner networking is key to growth and meeting new businesses and new clients, it is also difficult to find the time to fit in networking with all the creative and consulting work that one person can do in one day or one week.

Managing time is the key to running a successful sole trader business, but networking and being better at networking is another key strength to have to maintain a successful business. I have never been one of these people who loves networking events, giving a complete stranger a business card and the hard sell on my business isn't me.

But at the turn of 2018 I said to a few business friends that I need to do more in terms of networking, this is why this month I joined Introbiz; a Cardiff based business networking group that is growing every year. I have known Paul and Tracey at Introbiz since I started my freelance and business journey nearly 3 years ago, they gave me time and advice from the beginning but never asked for anything in return.

I met with Tracey earlier this month and explained my want to meet more businesses, to be better with networking and attending more networking events. Tracey said "You'll be a great fit with the other Introbiz members, you're clearly someone who wants to give advice and give out your knowledge to others"

"At networking events there are always givers and takers, the givers do the best at our events because people buy from people, leave a lasting memory with someone and they will remember you; they may need you one day"

It was great to speak to Tracey this month, she has filled me with enthusiasm to do more, to network more and to grow my own network more. I'm looking forward to meeting new businesses and new people every week at the various events Introbiz host.

If you're interested in attending an event please get in touch

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