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Measuring your own social media success

I have a number of businesses contact me weekly to ask about the success of their social media, if I can offer them an audit and what can they do to improve they're success with social media.

As I have had over a dozen email in the last two weeks about Twitter in particular I'll start with that... I love twitter and love using it for my own business to promote what I do, promote who I work with and to interact with as many businesses and business people that I can; it's my go to social media platform.

Now the first thing I want to tell you is number of followers pretty much means nothing, yep nothing! You can purchase followers, you could have 10,000 or 100,000 for a small fortune and the benefits of having all these followers? Nothing! The follow me I'll follow you model used to be the way of building up a bank of followers but you'll soon find out that your timeline is full of junk and people you're following for no reason.

So don't worry about your vanity numbers, just head over to a few profiles with 10k followers or even 100k followers (most of these are robots or fake accounts btw) take a look at these profiles and look at their engagement.. some will be great with 20+ likes and retweets on the majority of their posts and they'll be engaging with others too. The ones you want to look for are the ones with all these followers and zero likes, zero retweets and zero conversation on their profile.

Right so the vanity numbers thing is sorted, you can now happily ignore them... Now on to your analytics, yes twitter has it's own analytics panel for you to measure and check how you're doing month to month. On a basic level this is super easy to check and if you look at it month on month regularly then you should start to notice patterns in what works on your feed.

(Image above of clients social media recently)

Let's take a real basic look at the analytics, head to your profile, click on your profile pic on the top right (on a desktop) and under there should be an analytics tab. Click here and open up a page of wondrous data. If it's the first time you are opening this page then you may have very little data but it will soon populate with all the data you need.

The numbers I want you to look at are profile clicks and mentions, the number of mentions is how many people are actively interacting with you and then profile clicks is a positive action someone has taken and viewed your profile.

Look at these numbers this month, note the numbers and then look again next month and the following month; twitter will automatically give you some red or green numbers based on the difference in the last 28 days.

So on a basic level this is how I would measure the success of someones twitter activity, take a look at yours today and see if you can improve your numbers over the next 28 days... if you can't then you know where to come for any help -

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