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Don't be a lazy business on social

Quick Social Media Tip - It may seem like a great idea and save you some time but automatic cross posting from social media channels to others doesn't work!

So many businesses who contact me every day ask for the quickest way possible to post across all social media channels at once, why?

It may save you 45 seconds or so by doing it but believe me it doesn't work, and worse still looks bad. Images from Facebook or Instagram won't appear correctly on Twitter, links may be lost and mentions may be incorrect.

Take your time, all 45 seconds of it to post the same or similar post to the different channels, this tip also allows you to use the features native to these apps like geo tagging, user tagging and the use of hashtags.

Social media is all about images, videos and grabbing that priceless piece of attention.. so don't waste your chance.

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