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The ups and downs of collaboration

I work on so many different projects, some large some really small but all take up time in my day and time management is key for me to be as successful as I am today; taking on too much and not delivering is not an option. So a number of projects over the last twelve months I have worked with other businesses or freelancers to help create the final outcome.

All is great 90% of the time and the final product is something to be proud of, something worth sharing and something the end user, the client is more than happy with.

The downside is when a project goes south, when the relationship breaks down between you and the other business you're co working with, that can be a difficult situation to be in but one that I'm glad I've experienced now.

One thing I will definitely take from this is to get a water tight, foolproof contract in place at the very start with every fine, minuscule detail in place and back up plans in place from the start, this recent situation has cost me time and money but it's a learning experience I won't forget!

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