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Are your staff engaging with you?

Do you have two, three or thirty three members of staff? Do they engage with you on social media? Why not? Tap in to this underused commodity you have as a business.

This isn't something you can force on staff, only encourage but if it is done correctly it can have a great deal of benefits to your business on social media.

Not just limited to LinedIn, the professional of networks ;) this is on all platforms, if you have a great service or product or maybe you have a pretty cool office, office dog, anything, encourage your staff to talk about it online and to like or share your posts.

If the typical LinkedIn user has just under 500 connections or 500 friends on Facebook or maybe 300 followers on twitter and you have 10 staff.. that's a hell of lot of extra eyeballs on your content if they are sharing the odd post about their work place.

Not only that, if they look like they are enjoying their work, it can potentially be a source at generating new staff and a want to work for your business.

Having your staff share or like content isn't the only place this applies, having your business name in their profile can have a significant effect on your business brand and number of visitors to your page or pages.

Give it some through with your staff, have them be part of your social media story, feature them in content and have them share your content, give your business more depth by showing us the behind the scenes. Document your business and you're constantly generating content.

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