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Social media is a piece of cake

Social media is easy to run with right? It's so easy businesses give it to the new intern or the person from accounts to run and expect it bring in leads or generate business instantly, only for it to fall flat on it's face and be pulled a few months later. You wouldn't expect a novice to make a perfect cake would you?

What are you talking about cakes for? I hear you ask, don't worry all will be clear! That business that now has dormant social media accounts didn't do the basics right, they didn't get the fundamentals of social media in place before they started trying to push everyone down a funnel that didn't exist..

The reason why I say social media is a piece of cake is that the basics of social media, your posting, your strategy, your creative element, your interactions and connections all go in to the baking tray and in the oven; after a few months out comes this delicious social media channel or channels (your cake) and it tastes great, easy.

How to make this cake (step by step)

  • Have your branding ready, your colours, logo and website links.

  • Now create your channels, choose them wisely as you can't just add them all in at once, it can make a mess.

  • Once you've chosen them, now it's time to make them look "on-brand" your colours, tone of voice, good description and link to your site or blog.

  • Time to get interesting, creating posts, deciding what channels you want to focus on, what are others doing on these channels, steal with pride ;)

  • Being social, yes now while posting about you, you and you is great it's time to talk to people, interact with people and other businesses on social media.

  • This posting and being social on social media continues for a few months and you measure your success with insights and analytics, if something is working well then use more of it and learn from these insights.

Now to decorate the cake, I always see the icing part of the social media cake as your social media ads, the paid for part, because paying money to advertise is fine but if this cake is dry and boring the icing isn't going to do anything for you. In the bin it goes!!! So you need a good tasty cake and then go easy on the icing to just give it that finishing touch.

Hey presto you've got your social media cake, with icing and it tastes bloody fantastic. What happens now? Everyone wants your cake, they want to try it and they come back for more, right enough about cakes cos now I'm starving!

Key to this message, get the basics right, don't rush it, invest in your ingredients and it will be better for you long term, need help with your social media cake? The come to me, I've made hundreds of them and they're all worthy of bake off! ;)

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