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The video mega trend on social

"I see video as a mega trend" Mark Zuckerberg Feb 2017

Yes way back then in early 2017 Mark Zuckerberg said video on social is a mega trend, he wasn't wrong and went on to add more and more features to Facebook over the later months to rival the main video platform Youtube.

For many years now video has grown, video content has grown and more and more brands are pushing out hundreds of videos per month, but are some wasting their time? Yes is the answer to that, some are but for others they are hitting the nail on the head and seeing great rewards for creating great content.

The main players on video today are of course Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.. some may add in there LinkedIn too but I'm sceptical of it as when a video is posted, in a few days time it's gone and forgotten and never to be seen again. The other platforms you can search and find old videos easy and is great for SEO.

Is it time for your business or brand to jump on the mega 'trend' bus of video? Maybe but make sure what you're posting is quality content, something that people want to see or hear. The polished end product of a video is great for Facebook and Twitter, but also remember some of the more raw video content can be just as engaging, try using Instagram stories to show what happens behind the scenes or snapchat stories to profile some staff or a new product launching soon.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on, or if you have already tried but are struggling to find ideas to push your content further then just ask.

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