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Millions of views of your brand

Having eyeballs on your brand is hard work, printed ads, digital signage, online ads and social media saturation... we try everything we can to get our brands seen and make them stand out!

Now how do you get millions of eyeballs on your brand? Well you could spend a small fortune on social ads, you could maybe make a viral video? Or you make yourself some GIPHY stickers, we spoke about these at the start of the month and we have some impressive stats for you.

Yes those stats above are correct, 1.3 millions views of the branded stickers of the WelshWizards and the number keeps growing! Not only will brand awareness grow but traffic to the Wizards site has seen an increase, over 100 views have come from GIPHY directly, WOW!

GIPHY also give a run down of the most popular channel GIFs and how many times each of them have been used, these number count across Instagram, Facebook, GIPHY and Snapchat where the GIFs can be found and used and shared.

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