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Your very own marketing team

When I started Red Squirrel Marketing back in late 2015 I didn't realise I would work with so many different businesses over the next three years, and I am still surprised to this day how many businesses I meet week in week out around Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Swansea.

Working with so many SMB and start ups I'm used as their remote marketing team, offering a full service with design, SEO, website, social media and video marketing all in one or offering one of those services and fitting in to the team they already have.

It's great fun working with such an array of clients and businesses, there are always challenges too but in the whole it's great to have the opportunity to help so many people.

The most positive feedback I have had recently is helping some very small businesses double their turnover, not overnight but over time and they had the patience to see their marketing campaign through and this then turned in to profit which has now given them the green light for more campaigns.

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